Monday, September 4, 2017

Bloodmane Gnoll Warrior

Bloodmane was the August Hangout Figure of the Month. I don’t think I actually ever got on the hangouts this month, but I did get him painted up in basically 2 sittings. The first was the basecoat of liner and painting the armor, the second was everything else over about 2ish hours of painting. My speed is definitely picking up, even though I barely painted this month. It probably helps that I’ve done several of this style gnoll recently.

I decided to try out the sepia liner, and I have to say just that looked great. Seriously had good coverage, and the lighter shade meant that I could see more of the mold lines that I missed when first cleaning it up. But also it meant that there was less I had to do to bring out the fur texture. It was all already there!

The eyes I painted with Alien Goo green, with a drop of Ebony Flesh for the pupils. The skin was the usual mix of blue greys I’ve been doing on my gnolls forever. The gums are crimson red, while the crest was Vallejo Red Leather. The teeth and nails are both Desert Sand.

For the armor, I used scorched metal and shadowed armor. I used a mix of tanned leather and desert sand, brought up with Linen White on the leather, washed in spots with a really thinned down ebony flesh. The skulls were painted Ebony Flesh, Desert Sand, and Linen White. The shield metal was done the same as the armor, while the wood was a mix of Ebony Flesh, Woodland Brown, and Desert Sand.

One detail that didn’t make the transition to Bones very well was the outer edge of the right foot. It ended up as a barely defined blob. I did my best to paint in some detail, but it’s still a really mutated toe. Just another example of his demonic blood showing.

The Sepia Liner didn’t hold up though. Along the edge of the base where my hand rubbed against it the paint ended up coming off. Brown, Blue, and Grey liners haven’t shown that tendency, so I’ll be switching back to using them. I usually don’t bother with clear coating most of my Bones, but because of this issue, I think I’m going to do this guy.

While not a show piece, he’s certainly a solid figure, painted to a good tabletop standard.

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