Friday, September 1, 2017

August in Review

This was not a great month in terms of getting a lot of minis painted. In fact, I only managed to paint 3 minis. Kagunk the Ogre Boss, Inquisitor Lorr, and Bloodmane the Gnoll Warrior (write up to be posted Monday), and 2 of those were started already.

A big part of why is of course Bones IV, which wraps up Saturday. I’ve been following along, tracking it’s hourly progress from the start. Everyone in my family is just about done with me pausing whatever I’m doing to update my spreadsheet every hour.

I never touched the Heroines in Sensible Shoes, who need to get done in time for Reapercon. And time’s a tickin! What I need to do first is get the wall/base built so that I know where the light and shadows go. I’m probably gonna work on that this weekend.

For September:
Heroines in Sensible Shoes Diorama
3 Heroines
1 Pregnant Lady
1 Monster

One thing I did get done was catching up on my Stonehell session reports! As of now, I am completely caught up! Plus I’ve also worked on 2 sub levels, and also made some changes to the dungeon based on what the PCs have done. Primarily, they’ve cleared out large sections of the upper levels, and left them empty, but they’ve mostly ignored the Hobgoblins in the process. They’re taking advantage of this by expanding their territory. It’s getting to the point where the upper levels are gonna need a nearly complete re-write of the room contents. After 45 sessions, things are really beginning to take on a life of their own in Stonehell!!

It’s been another month of reading. I finished:
Supernatural: Bone Key
The Case of the Singing Sword

I’m currently reading The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds on my Kindle, and China: A History (which smells a little musty).

In other news I also got a new job, which I start on Tuesday!

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