Sunday, September 10, 2017


Back on this day 8 years ago, I started up the Tower of the Archmage.

So what does 8 years look like?
1897 posts
1,210,957 page views (at the time of writing)

Not bad at all. And it's been interesting the changes that both the blog has gone through, and the blog-o-sphere generally. Not to mention all the changes in life. Many, if not most of the blogs that I followed 8 years ago and inspired me to start doing my own thing, have gone silent. Some sit quiet, mothballed, waiting to be reactivated. Others remain only as dead links, sites nuked by their owners. A few have become infested by bots and squatters. (Sounds like a post-apocalyptic setting, doesn't it?) New ones have been built, and many of those have suffered the same fates. Yet the community of bloggers and gamers still seems to be going strong, and thank Gygax for that!

In addition I've got 2 ongoing games, a mountain of miniatures that I'm slowly working on chipping away at, while at the same time adding to!

I'm not even gonna try to guess where I'l be next year, let alone 8 years from now. But hopefully I'll still be gaming with friends at least, and if I'm lucky, I'll still have some followers who'll read about it.


  1. Congratulations! Onward and upward!

  2. Eight years is an amazing milestone, not to mention over 1800 (!!!) posts! Congratulations! You can count me among the men you have inspired!

    I mean, if *YOU* can do it... ;)