Thursday, August 31, 2017

Stonehell: Ghost Beggars Final Ambush

Session 43 was played on 7/25

Eiric, wizard 5 (Kat)
- torch bearers (Kali)
- men at arms (D, E, F)
- Naideen(dog)
A-A-Ron, Thief 5 (Henchman)
Orpheus, Human Fighter 5 (Henchman)
Karl, Dwarf 4 (Julia)
- Hobart (dog)
- men at arms (Kardo)
Daryll (NPC Cleric 5)

Back in town and flush with cash, the Eiric hires F, and Karl hires Kardo the torch bearer, instantly promotes him to M@A with a shnazzy new suit of armor and a new weapon! Kardo isn’t sure about this turn of events…

The party gathers and heads back to the dungeon, aiming to check out the remains of the nest they burned last visit. Unfortunately, before they could make it that far, they were ambushed in the Antechamber by some Ghost Beggars!

Starting the ambush with several tossed vials of oil, they waited till the party was halfway through an intersection, catching Eiric solidly with the burning oil. Karl also got hit, and his dog Hobart, in a panic, managed to catch his own fur on fire. F dropped from the damage. Orpheus and the rest of the party slaughtered the bandits in response. It seems that 5 bandits, even armed with oil and some magic arrows (that they never got to use) wasn’t enough…

Gathering up all the bodies, the party drags them out to the magic grove, and strings up the Ghost Beggars among the trees. They then head back to town to deal with their burns.


Eiric decides to spend some time in the library while back in town, doing some basic research, and manages to cross some wires in her brain. Suddenly, she doesn’t understand even basic common, but the language of the dwarves comes naturally to her.

Meanwhile, Karl and Orpheus interview new hires, and pick Paris Hilton (who claims she can outrun a bear, Gryx (now called Groot) and Hurley (now called Herbie).


Meanwhile, back in the dungeon, Zoral Gnast, leader of the Ghost Beggars decides to deal with Eiric and Co. once and for all. He hires an outcast Ogre from the Korners, along with its 4 Orc bodyguards, and lays another ambush. This time, with every available hand that can swing a club!


The party heads back to the dungeon. Knowing that the Antechamber is mostly cleared out and safe, and that the Ghost Beggars will have been suitably cowed, they go stomping down the stairs into Stonehell. Once the party is in the entrance chamber, the ambush is sprung, and from nearly every door they rush the party. For once, they’re outnumbered!

In the first round, the bandits surge out, hacking into the party. Paris and Kali drop, as do 6 of the bandits.

In the second round, the orcs drop D, the bandits drop F. Darryl hits the ogre, which just pisses it off. A-A-Ron uses his new magic arrows on an orc, causing them to run. The bandit leader has his magic sword knocked from his grip, and the bandits generally are less than inspiring.

Round 3, Eiric magic missiles the orge, while Orpheus kills the unarmed bandit leader. A-A-Ron shoots the orge with another magic arrow.

Round 4, the last bandit drops, as does the orge. The fight is over…

Darryl uses his healing magic on the hirelings. The little treasure the bandits carried is collected, including the leader’s magic sword. Leaving the bodies where they fell, the party heads back to town, and promptly sells the magic sword.

*DM Note - WHAT THE FUCK?!?! Sell a magic sword?!?

Darryl hits level 6. Eiric tries her hand at more research, and manages to cause her ears to grow 4 times their normal size! Karl hosts a sedate Dwarven Tea Party.

Gains: 50gp, 20cp, Sword +1/+2 vs Lycanthropes (Sold for 3420gp), Screaming Arrows +1 x14, 2x 50gp gems
Kills: 21 Ghost Beggars, 4 orcs, 1 ogre, Zoral Gnast
Losses: NONE!!

DM's Note: The Ghost Beggar cave is now mostly unguarded, as is the Ogres lair... if they choose to look for them.


  1. Karma dictates they will soon happen upon monsters that can only be harmed by magic weapons; double karma points if they are lycanthropes.

  2. The sword didn't do the Ghost Beggars any favours. Perhaps a wise sell if they can replicate it in another magic weapon or spell. How was it identified as a magic sword?

    1. The usual way, by piling everything they stripped from the dead into a pile, and Eiric casting detect magic.