Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Stonehell: Glitter!

Session 42 was played on 7/23 (Sunday Morning Special Game)

Eiric, wizard 5 (Kat)
- torch bearers (Kali)
- men at arms (C, D, PP, E)
- Naideen(dog)
A-A-Ron, Thief 5 (Henchman)
Orpheus, Human Fighter 5 (Henchman)
Karl, Dwarf 4 (Julia)
- Hobart (dog)
Daryll (NPC Cleric 5)

Yet another dwarf shows up to take Matthias’ place, again claiming to be a cousin of Wilhelm, Matthias, and the various other dwarves who have journeyed with Eiric.

Darryl decides to stay in town to oversee the establishment of the kennel business, and keep an eye on the nuns.

Eiric rounds everyone else up, and heads into the dungeon. They safely make their way through the Antechamber, avoiding a bucket of magnetic glitter, which had been set as a trap. It didn’t seem like the work of the kobolds though… The party took the bucket of glitter with them.

Returning to the area Without Doors, and the sight of the previous massacre the party suffered from. The dome was now blank, the writing gone with the triggering of the trap. A-A-Ron took the levitation potion, and floated up to the ceiling to investigate the numerous decorations. He triggered a small trap door, and hundreds of coins crashed to the floor.

Moving on, a map room was next found, with one wall containing the map of the box canyon and surroundings, while the other was an unknown area. D volunteers to takes the time to draw the map painted on the wall, while A-A-Ron found a secret cache of coins stacked neatly in the leg of a table. Leaving D, the party goes across the hall, and finds a large conference room. Sadly, no secret stashes of money were found. Returning to the map room, Eiric found that D copied the wrong map, and so retasked him to draw the other map.

Poking around while D finished up, the party then headed back to the headless statue of the woman pierced by a score of arrows. A-A-Ron climbed up the statue, and poked around in the neck hole, and discovered an almost comically large brass key.

Moving on, they come to an elaborate silvery abstract sculpture that’s also a working fountain. The liquid was also silvery, and the party opted not to drink it. Moving on, they found a bag lying on the floor of the hallway, the strap broken. Within was a hunk of bologna, a small wheel of cheese, and a flask of whiskey. They snagged it, because why not.

The next doorway opened into a small square room, bare of furnishing, and only a small black slick. However, under a loose cobblestone, the discover a tunnel leading off to a secret panic room… sadly they were not the first to discover it, and nothing of value could be found.

Heading up and around, they enter a large chamber with a vaulted ceiling, and a Hobgoblin squad! Some insults, a tossed rock, and combat was begun at range, until Karl ran toward them, smashing one with his ax. It was at that unfortunate moment that Eiric let loose with a lightning bolt, killing the hobgoblins, badly hurting Karl, and causing the glitter that Karl carried to explode out into a highly charged magnetic cloud that filled the northern doorway to the chamber.

Dragging Karl out of the cloud, the party packs up and heads out of the dungeon.

Back in town Karl heals up, hires Wolwin (F), and then they head back in!

Returning to the quadrant Without Doors, they head back through to the chamber with the silver fountain, then down past an empty room to a large chamber with a squad of hobgoblins on watch. Deciding to skip that, they circle around to a room with a carved spider web. The carving is somehow sticky to the touch…

Back around to the silver fountain, they then come to a room with low benches and a dry font. A voice intones “discard your raiments and cleanse thy hands and feet.” Only Karl does so, stripping down to nothing, but finding no water to wash with, he takes a swig of whisky and considers the job done. A-A-Ron sneaks down a side passage where a voice can be heard. Within the ruins of a large chapel, up on a splintering scorched pulpit a skeletal figure in ruined robes burns with green and red flames that don’t seem to harm him. From his thin lips a constant stream of a fire and brimstone sermon pour. As A-A-Ron listens, the sermon shifts to the dangers of eavesdropping and skulking. A-A-Ron takes this as a divine sign to NOPE the hell out and away. Back to the party, he shares what happens, and everyone agrees that he made the right choice.

Moving along, they come to another fountain, this one dry, with a statue of a crying woman on it.

Then they come to the chamber with the buzzing that they’d heard before. With their handy powerthirst, they soak the papery nest and light it up. While the smoke filled the air, the party decided to head back to town before deciding on their next move.

Gains: Lots of loose coins
Kills: 6 Hobgoblins,
Losses: Bucket of glitter, C, PP

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