Saturday, August 5, 2017


“Get down!” Nimble yelled while taking his own advice. The mountain side path didn’t offer much in the way of protection, but the bat-winged monsters had some trouble getting in close enough to rake with their claws.

Rathgar took the brunt of one attack against his shield, bracing himself against the mountain itself while striking back with his broadsword. The high pitched scream as the blade bit into his attacker’s leg nearly deafened the party as it seemed to ring on in their ears.

“Feris! Do you still have the tangle-root bag?” Allianora called out, swatting another of the creatures away with her mace.

Feris’ eyes went wide “Yes!” He reached into his satchel and pulled out a small sack, and lifted it triumphantly.

Having been rebuffed by the heavily armed and armored cleric, the bat-monster swooped over and grabed Feris’ upraised arm in one claw, and the sack in the other. Feris screamed as the claws dug into his arm, blood flowing quickly out. With a few beats of its leathery wings Feris was pulled up and toward the cliff edge. Nimble leapt up from behind a large rock, and ran toward them.

Rathgar’s opponent tried to get away, but as it tried to turn and flap away, keeping it’s injured leg away from the warrior, his blade cut through its wing, and the monster tumbled down to the ground, and then bounced painfully down the steep slope.

Following Nimble’s lead, Allianora also charged for the monster dragging Feris. Nimble got there first, his short blade slicing across the creature’s ankle. It dropped Feris, but held onto the bag as it flapped away. It didn’t get far. Allianora watched the bag open and the vines shoot out, wrapping their way around the monster’s legs, up its body, and then onto its wings. It jerkily fell from the sky.

A quick prayer stopped the bleeding from Feris’ arm, but he was still pale from the blood loss, and the fright.

“Did anyone see where they came from?” Nimble asked.

“No, why? Worried about more of them?”

“Only a little. More curious if they’ve got anything worth looting in their lair.”

I unfortunately didn't keep a log of how I painted him. Originally all his fur was going to be brown, but it blended in too much with his skin, so I switched to grey. Overall a great sculpt from Bones 3, and the first Bones 3 mini I've painted.

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  1. Sean Robert MeaneyAugust 6, 2017 at 5:18 AM

    Very nice. I love that lycanthropes all come from a few specific mammal subgroups that include skunks, dogs, seals.