Friday, May 26, 2017

Dark Day in Felstad

On April 29th I attended my final game as part of the ongoing Maryland campaign I'd been playing in. The scenario was Run of the Rangifer scenario, combined with a custom Eric’s Rune Stones scenario.

Eric's scenario involved runestones represented by scrabble tiles. The tiles would be handed out facedown to the players, and placed on the table, like treasure, still facedown. The players would then try to collect the tiles, and at the end of the game would get Experience Points and Gold Coins for the number of tiles they collected. If your wizard could "decipher" the runes and make a word from the Scrabble tiles they retrieved, they would get extra EP and GC. Each tile was worth 5 EP and 10 GC, but if you could make a word from them you would then square the number of tiles you used in the word, and multiply that times the 5 EP or 10 GC. Each figure could carry 2 "runestones" unencumbered, but carrying 3 or 4 would count like a treasure. Four was the maximum a figure could carry, and for combining load purposes, all regular treasure was said to equal 3 runestones. Each player started the game with 5 tiles and one regular treasure to place on the table.

Quail's Report

"I have a war to stop... No. I have a war to end, to win. And he's keeping us here, looking for a weapon that will help, because he can't remember where it is. Or so he says. He's keeping something from me." The Warrior complains.

"An apprentice shouldn't talk about their master like that." Gnolly growls.

"I'm not his apprentice!"

Bouncing down the stairs the Doctor grins at both of them. "I've found something!"

"About time!"

"What are we waiting for? Daylight's burning."

The day was clear as the Doctors approached where they’d seen the Rangifiers in the ruins. Figuring that if anyone knew the secrets of Fellstand, they would Now if only they could find some way to talk to them…

Turn 1
An unnatural Darkness falls upon the city...

"Hey, who turned out the lights?" One of the players at the other end of the table dropped a Bottle of Darkness, reducing line of sight to a mere 12"!!

Doctor Ecclescake tries to mind control the closest Rangifier, but the creature’s alien mind resists.
Doctor Payne fails to Fleet Feet the Templar, while the thief charges forward and grabs a tile.

Turn 2
Dr. E fails to Mind Control the Rangifier, and moves forward to keep it from attacking anyone else. The Ranger charges in to protect the Doctor, and injures the Rangifier.
Dr. P again fails to Fleet Feet anyone.
From behind a ruin a Zombie Troll lumbers out, drawn toward the sounds of combat. The Rangifer hurts Dr. E.
Harad gets into combat with Lucy.
The Wraith Knight appears!

Turn 3
The Ranger attacks the Rangifier, trying again to protect Dr. E, but gets injured in the process. Dr. E knocks out the Rangifer.
Dr. P finally succeeds in Fleet Footing the Templar, who charges in and “kills” the illusionary Lucy.

The zombie troll charges Dr. E, and knocks him flat.

Princess rushes behind the temple to tie up some minions, but doesn't survive against the strange yellow things...

In the temple, the Rangifier and Wraith Knight fight, the knight killing the beast. It then charges down the stairs and slays Elfie! Lady Elf hides (for the rest of the game)

The Ranger shoots and kills Bob the Thug.

Turn 4
Dr. P uses his sonic screwdriver to Blind the Wraith Knight!
As the Templar begins his charge toward the blinded Wraith Knight he takes a bold and an arrow to the chast and falls bleeding into the snow. Harad grabs a treasure, and the Thief runs off the board. Dunadain grabs a token.

Turn 5
Dr. P Fleets Harad
The Wraith Knight shakes off the blindness. And 2 armored skeletons shamble toward the party.

Turn 6
Dr. P tries to Blind the Wraith Knight, fails, and runs.
Gnolly and the Wraith Knight flail ineffectively at each other. The Treasure Hunter takes down 1 of the skeletons, but is stabbed by the other, dropping. Dunadain runs off the board with the token.

Turn 7
Dr. P again tries to blind the Wraith Knight, gets the setting right, but the WK resists.

The treasure wasn’t nearly as bountiful as last excursion, with a mere 110 gold recovered. However the Grimoire of Brew Potion was a nice addition to the the TARDIS’ library!

The Survivors! (Lady Elf not shown, as she was still hiding, forgotten by all)

Doctor Ecclescake survived with a minor bump on his head.
The Templar and Treasure Hunter make a full recovery, while Princess is badly wounded. Elfie and Harad didn’t survive their injuries.

And as this was my final game with the group before moving, the guys got me a going away present!

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