Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Painting Huts and Pillars

So I've actually finished painting some of my terrain (not counting snow effects).

The progression of paint was as follows:
Midnight Blue
Grey Flannel
Rainy Day Grey
Barely Blue

All are Anita's Acrylic Craft Paint.

Lots of dry brushing...
More dry brushing...
Yet more dry brushing...
So many layers of dry brushing...
Comparison shot.
A piece of scatter terrain, some sort of war monument or something.
So one set of stairs, 6 pillars, and 6 huts painted. Not too shabby.
My next bit is going to be the mausoleum. I still need to make a roof, and I'm thinking about decorations for the side. We'll see where that goes. I think from this point I'm going to focus on one or two pieces to completion, then move on, rather than the scattershot pattern so far. Having a goal helps, and these huts are slated to be used in the next game.

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