Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nephropid-mail Bio-Armor

Feris tossed another stick into the gentle surf as he sat on the rock jetty.

"She's still at it?" Rathgar asked, walking up behind him. Out in the water Princess swam quickly toward the stick.

"Over an hour now. If I couldn't throw the stick all over, I'd never be able to keep this up. As it is my shoulder is getting sore.

"They don't spend a lot of time on that sort if thing in wizard school hua?"

"Wand practice was worse." Princess splashed out of the sea, water slowing off of her. The stick in her mouth failing to hide the grin on her face. She shook the water out of the little bit of fur that poked out from under the rust brown shell covering most of her body. The eye-stalks swiveled around, mostly seeming to focus on the gulls squawking above.

"She's going to be so hungry tonight."

"Hope Nimble got a deer or a goat or something."

Princess trotted up to Feris, and he took the stick. One of the claws snapped out, grabbing the stick before he could pull it away. "Every time..." The stick snapped in half and the half Feris wasn't holding fell to the rocks. He threw the remaining half out into the water, and Princess jumped in after it.

Lucy in her lobster costume. She loves this thing so much!

Nephropid-mail Bio-Armor
Alternately described as a parasite, symbiote, and (of course) creation of a mad wizard, these creatures attach themselves to a host, providing various benefits until it outgrows the host. If a suitable new host is available, the transition is painful, but usually not fatal to the old host. Otherwise, the creature will kill and consume the host before going off to find another.

Potential Powers:
AC as Chain or Banded mail
Increased Stamina (bonus to Con checks, saves vs poison)
Swim speed equal to normal movement
2 claw attacks (damage varies by size)

Potential Drawbacks:
Major Charisma penalty
Difficult to get used to (combat penalty until proficient)
Will eventually kill you, or maybe just maim you.

This was a post I started writing back in August of 2011... Sometimes it takes me a while to get back to things.

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