Monday, March 7, 2016

Frostgrave: Beware the Bear!

On Saturday 3/5 I got together with 3 other players Chris, Greg, and Don to play my first game in Chris' Frostgrave campaign. This was their second session.

Chris wrote about the session over at his blog One More Gaming Project.

I brought a similar warband to my first game.
Necromancer (sword & dagger)
Apprentice (sword & dagger)
Thug x2
Thief x2
Crossbow x2

The board at deployment. My Necromancer started at the bottom right. Greg's Chronomancer (The Doctor) was on the bottom left. Chris' Illusionist (Kodak) top left, and Don's Druid/Witch top Right.

My force moved up the board toward the closest treasures. This lead to a repeated game of telekinetic tug of war over several treasures with the druid's apprentice.

My crossbowmen were well placed, but were unable to protect Fegan the thief who had run out to grab a treasure.

The melee by the Rat God bridge was deadly. Rex charged forward, ripping the throat out of the snowcat, while my thug Hook desperately tried to fend off the bear.

The bear just mauled everything that came within reach, taking down my zombie in a single swipe, kicking Rex the warhound to the ground, and only Rengar the Knight was able to withstand its mighty claws.

My Necromancer covers (black)Jack the thief's retreat with the treasure.

A minor demon and 2 ice spiders arrived together. The demon and one spider charged my knight and thug. The other spider went under the bridge and killed the druid's apprentice.

So many casualties! My dice rolling was generally atrocious this game...

Getting my first treasure off the board.

My apprentice and necromancer look at each other, cast one last spell each before fleeing off the board. The necromancer raises a zombie, while the apprentice bone darts River Song, the chronomancer's apprentice.

My casualties! Rex the warhound, Fagan the thief, and Bob the Crossbowman were all badly wounded and will miss the next game.

I earned a total of 170xp from spells cast and 2 treasures taken off the board. Combined the treasures contained  225 gold and a grimoire inscribed with Scatter Shot. Still need to decide what my base will be, but I'm thinking the Inn for the extra troop slot. I also need to decide if I should spend the gold to replace my troops, or wait it out for the next session? And what I want my first upgrade to be. I'm thinking making one of my spells easier to cast... but which one?

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