Thursday, March 3, 2016

DDS & Frostgrave troops

Nathavarr is slowly coming along. As with the arm, I've basecoated everything with dusky skin. Making sure that the underside of each scale gets paint is probably the most time consuming part of the process.

I've stuck the arm on for the pictures, but currently nothing is glued together except for the rear leg. There's a bit of a gap that I'm debating what to do with... do I get some green stuff, and fill it on, or just... not worry about it. I think I'm gonna have to get some green stuff. I think there's gonna be gaps with the wings too... so... Might as well just do it.

And since I've got a game of Frostgrave coming up this weekend, I've decided that the troops need some paint. Once my warband advances these guys will be replaced with better troops, but until then, these old GW Empire Militia figures will serve.

Not the sort of gents you'd want to invite over for dinner at your mother's house, but just the sort you'll want to loot a ruined city.

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