Monday, February 23, 2015

#6MMRPC Were-shark Nun and Gorgon

With the arrival of Bones II I've been feeling a little more motivated to actually make some progress. I guess the addition of 207 new minis will do that... and on top of that Friday night my usual game got canceled, so I asked over on G+ what mini I should work on next. The answers were Nun with the gun, Were-Shark, and Gorgon.

So this is what I accomplished:
Doing a bit of color blocking here.

For the Nun, I painted her outfit in walnut brown and bone as the base colors. Linen will go over the bone.

The Gorgon got a heavy drybrush of gunmetal over walnut brown.

The were-shark got the most attention with a base coat of Stone grey followed by a blue-grey mix (Denim and Stone) for the upper half, and bone over the lower half. The bottom is going to need some more smoothing out, and lightening. I might even try the same linen over the bone as I'll be doing for the nun.

I had a bit left over Old Rose Pink from the sharks mouth, so rather than waste it I pulled out the brain monster and added him to the mix. It then got the same blue-grey and bone colors I used on the were-shark.

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  1. Brilliant selection! I love the nun, will have to pick one up at some point for Zombie Gaming.