Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Playing Pathfinder... Muchkin Pathfinder

Following up on Betrayal at House on the Hill, we invited some friends over to enjoy some Chinese food and some Munchkin. Having picked up Munchkin Pathfinder, we mixed it in with the base set, and started kicking down doors.

If you've never played, there are 2 decks: the door deck, and the treasure deck. At the start of every turn you kick in a door. There might be a monster, or a curse, or something else. If there's a monster you have to either fight it or run away. If you win, you get as many treasure cards as the monster card says. If you lose, you run with varying levels of bad things that happen to you if you don't get away. If there's something else you either play it, or add it to your hand to maybe play later.

It's a fast game, and we managed to play through 5 games or so. Just about everyone had a good time (except for the person who hates Munchkin), and I can't wait to break out the decks again. The big question is what expansion we should add next?

Any suggestions?

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