Monday, November 4, 2013

Bits & Bobs XVII

Tim Brannon over at the Other Side is hosting a giveaway in honor of his 2,000th post! You can win a copy of his new Eldritch Witchery or his older book The Witch for basic era games (which is excellent!).

Over at Elfmaids and Octopi there's a d100 chart of forgotten temples and bleak ruins, any of which is enough to springboard at least one night of adventure each. My favorite is #82. "Broken church with collapsed tower, giant evil owls and witches meet here" Fits in rather well with Tim's post... There's also a convenient set of links to all the other d100 posts he's done.

Tori Bergguist over at the Realms of Chirak wrote an excellent post on how to run supernatural killers in your game. Toni explores the pitfalls of havingyour players face immortal and near immortal opponents.

Joshua over at Genius Loci wrote up 3 iconic halloween/horror monsters for your game: Zombi Dance Troupe, White Garbed Twins, and Pygmalion.

I've mentioned many times before that I love props, and this de vermis mysteriis (mysteries of the worm) is an excellent example why.

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