Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Magic Item: Wand of Marking

"Which way?" Feris asked.

Rathgar lifted his torch above his head and looked booth ways at the intersection. The dungeon walls glistened with moisture and the flickering light. "Left" he said finally.

"Are you sure?" Feris asked.

"No, but we've got to find a place to hole up until Nimble and Allianora find us, and this corridor isn't it."

"Ok, left it is." Feris pulled a silver wand from his belt. In the air, about an inch from the wall, he made a glowing mark. "Let's go."

Wand of Marking
This magical stick will leave a glowing mark upon any surface, even water and air. When used on a solid surface, the mark is permanent. On air or liquid, it will dissipate based on the movement of the substances. Still water or stagnant air will hold the mark much longer than even a slowly flowing stream.

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