Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking Ahead - 2013

2013 is going to be an interesting year. I've been in college for the entire life of the blog, and in just a couple of months I'll finish my final class and earn my Masters degree. I expect that my free time is going to expand in ways that are hard to comprehend. Yet at exactly the same time a large box is going to arrive on my doorstep bringing me hundreds of new miniatures from the Reaper Bones kickstarter. I predict that when I look back in 12 months, 2013 will be the year of the mini. I'm hoping that I can make it as interesting for you as it will be for me. 

Another project I've been thinking about, and have been for a while, is my catalog of monsters and magic items. I've created 95 magic items, and 82 monsters. I find myself wanting to collect them as PDFs, but while I could just grab each page and slap it together, I want to do something... more.

Looking back over the last year I'd say the Tower is doing pretty well. I'm averaging over 16,000 page views a month, I'm up to 199 followers, and I posted 249 posts last year.

I plan on continuing my Monday monsters, Thursday Thaumaturgy, and Sunday Inspirational Image posts. I'll probably participate in the A to Z challenge again this year. Additionally I plan on getting in more gaming. Most likely it'll be on G+, though I wouldn't mind an in-person group.

May 2013 bring you good gaming!

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  1. So, does all of that make you a "ham," or a "show off?" LOL

    Just kidding! Love the blog and looking forward to the posts of the coming year!

    Hope it's a great one for you!