Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grim Travelers of the Red Dawn

Recently I was playing around with Meatshields! Classic Fantasy Hireling Generator and on the first click I generated an interesting collection of characters. They seemed ready made to drop into a low level game, and their background seemed to write itself, with a little help from Bruce Cockburn.

Brother Lartag leads this band of pilgrims to bring the light of the Red Dawn to the masses. He is a brooding figure in his brown and scarlet robes, skinny and bald, with dark circles around his eyes. He is quick to anger, and even quicker to launch into a dawnfire and brimstone sermon. He is protected by 2 elves – Dalis and Kerlon who he freed from enslavement. They have pledged themselves to him (but not his god) for 5 years. Dalis, a failed magic user, had his teeth and tongue removed to prevent him from using his magic to cause trouble.

Drogos and Gargar, deserters from a local duke’s forces, were Brother Lartag’s first converts. Drogos was a member of the Dukes crossbow corp. Gargar was a cook, and is slow of thought. Both were drawn to the message of redemption though the fire of the Red Dawn.

Gillo is a streetwise thug, but in spite of all he’s seen, he can’t tell a convincing lie. Lerdo, his younger scrawnier brother worked as a stable boy before being found with the innkeeper’s youngest daughter and a sizable skimming of the contents of the cashbox. Gillo is a whole hearted convert to the teachings of Brother Lartag, while Lerdo is merely biding his time till the Brother accumulates enough gold to make it worth stealing.

When encountered, Brother Lartag will be in the lead, flanked closely by the elves. Drogos and Gillo will cover the rear, and Lerdo and Gargar will be carrying the bulk of the group’s supplies. If combat begins Lerdo and Gargar will drop back and Gillo will counterattack anyone who closes with Brother Lartag. Otherwise, the Grim Travelers will pepper their opponents with missile fire.

Those more receptive to a little sermonizing may find rough but generally friendly company.

The chart from Meatshields didn't format well for posting here, so I put it, and a copy of this post onto a PDF for download.

Grim Travellers Download


  1. Hey man,

    Along with cr0m, I'm the other creator. I'm glad it helps your game and hopefully it provides from inspiration for RP.

  2. sorry "some" inspiration for RP lol

  3. Definitely was inspirational! Thanks for the great tool!