Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dark Jelly

"Feris, pass the rolls over here" Rathgar calls over the sound of the bards playing in the corner.

"Oh, excellent" Nimble says with his mouth full as the rolls pass in front of him.  He snags 3 before passing the basket around.

"Isn't this a bit much?" Allianora asks her feast companions.

"What do you mean?" Nimble replies.

"Look around" She gestures around the empty room. "You bought out the entire tavern for the night.  We're feasting, and drinking, and you even hired musicians!  You made everyone who was already here leave!"

"And?" Rathgar asks. "It's our gold!"

"I feel bad about not sharing it."

Nimble spreads jelly on his rolls, and takes a big bite before Feris takes the jar.  "So... go give a donation to the temple, this is our celebration."

"Isn't it more fun to share it?"

"Not really" Feris says, bread crumbs spilling from his mouth.  "In fact, you aren't making this much fun either."

The tavernkeeper stood nervously by the kitchen doorway, thinking about the platinum coins he took to add the jar of jelly to the adventurer's feast.

Dark Jelly

Originally the creation of a dark cult, this chaos infused food was made to bring disorder and confusion among  the forces of Law and Order.  Those who taste this sweet jelly must make a saving throw of be compelled to share the jelly among their closest companions.  As they eat, their alignments will shift to chaos, becoming more selfish and suspicious of those around them.  The effects will last for 24 hours, after which the victims will have to live with all that they said and did during that dark day.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Superb idea! I think my grandma has the recipe for this. Well, that and last summer she unleashed the 40-year-old mincemeat on me. And I ate it. Then had to have my gall bladder removed shortly thereafter. Coincidence?