Monday, June 28, 2010

Faerie Wood

The sprites are not just afraid of Bark Wilder-they’re petrified!

The basic story is that a no-good, dirty rotten gnome has stolen a faerie clan chief's staff - a wand of wood which among other powers, can turn a living creature to wood.  The gnome (actually a spriggan), Bark Wilder, then sells these "statues" to the PCs for incredibly cheap prices considering the masterful quality.  Whether the PCs buy the statues or not, the Faerie clan wants them to beat up Bark and return their staff. 

I ran this adventure from Dungeon Magazine #73 only once, and it was one of the last times I played D&D.  It didn't go well.  They bought several of the wooden statues, and then didn't want to give the wand (or the statues) back after they killed Bark. 

Now, there are a number of things I really like about this little adventure.  First off, I like that Bark is a nasty little fay, and that he has 4 other nasty little fay helpers.  The adventure calls them Shikes and describes them as 4" tall fairies with chitinous full plate armor with Trojan shaped crests of the same material sharpened for attack, and wings that fold out of the armor like a beetles.  I had a great time visualizing those nasty little sprites flickering in and out cutting up the adventurers.

I also like how it brought the fairy to my game.  Most of my games tended toward much less magic creatures like orcs and kobolds.  Even the elves of my games in that era were rather terrestrial.  It was an aspect that I again got away from with 3rd Edition, and I'd like to bring into my megadungeon and maybe even my 4e game.  


  1. I've been trying to have an area in my current campaign with a fairy tale/fey feel to it.
    Here's an adventure report from one of the players with DM comments and a couple of critters.

  2. Sounds like a fun adventure, I will have to see if I have a copy of that issue of Dungeon around somewhere. Because mad-crazy fey are right up my alley.

  3. @seaofstars - It's not a bad issue. There's a fun sidequest about a necromancers pet in it too. If you don't have it there's one on e-bay for $.99.

    @Red - I look forward to reading it, thanks for the heads up!