Friday, June 25, 2010

Elemental Candle - Water

Feris set the candle in the alcove.  His companions stood around him, looking out into the darkness of the huge hall.  Somewhere, just outside of the torchlight, were dozens of moving things.  Things that clicked and hisseed, a hard wet sound that made Nimble's hair stand on end.  Feris opened his water skin, and poured a drop onto the candle.  The hall was quickly filled with wavy reflected bluish light, revealing a swarm of gnashing kruthiks.  

The creatures were clearly agitated by the light, and they crept back into the shadows.   

The Elemental Candle (Water) doubles the range of any light within 20 feet (4 square) of the candle, and causes any creatures within the newly expanded area of light (but not the original radius of the light) to take a +4 vs will attack/save versus spells or back out of the area of the light.  The candle must be resting on a solid surface to be used, and clean water must be used to light it, and it will "burn" for a total of 2 hours.  This counts as a Level 6 magic item.

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