Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Magic Mushrooms

"Hey human... grab a seat.  See those eggs over there?  Why don't you fry them up, they go great with mushrooms."

Nimble froze.  His foot oozed slowly into the soggy moss.  Turning his head slightly he saw a couple of eggs and a frying pan next to a small stack of firewood.  Just a little bit away was a patch of brownish spotted mushrooms.  Nimble felt himself relax and stepped over to the frying pan, and pulled the flint and steel from his pocket.  A mushroom omelet and a soft bit of moss sounded perfect.

Just as he bent down a small vial arched overhead, landing amidst the mushrooms, and setting them alight.  Screaming echoed through the swamp as Rathgar grabbed Nimble from behind and jerked him away from the conflagration.   

Magic Mushroom
Magical Plant
Armour Class: 10
Hit Dice: 1+
Move: 0
Attacks: 1 (special)
Damage: Special
No. Appearing: 1
Save As: M1
Morale: 11
Treasure Type:  C
Alignment: Neutral
XP Value:  25

Each patch of Magic Mushrooms is a single entity, with a powerful charm ability.  Any intelligent creature that comes within range will be encouraged to consume a portion of the mushroom patch.  While both tasty and nutritious, the mushrooms are highly poisonous.  Anyone consuming even a single mushroom, and failing a saving throw versus poison will fall into a deep sleep after 2d6 minutes from which they will be unable to wake themselves.  The victims of this poison, presuming their bodies are left unmolested are covered in the spores of the creature, and will be killed after approximately 24 hours, and over the course of about a week their body will be entirely consumed.    Larger (and thus more experienced) Magic Mushroom patches will often have their victim lay the trap for the next victim.

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  1. I like this esp the Mushroom "Hey human..." Deadly is often best delivered with a bit of humor.