Tuesday, January 19, 2010


You and your friends are from out of town, and you've just chased off that band of goblin raiders.  It may be pretty small time, but to these townies it was Epic, and when it came down to it, you rocked harder then the goblins did.  So once the rumble was over, you head back to town, bask in the adoration of your fans, and call it a game.

Or not.  Sometimes your fans can be more interesting than those goblins.  What are the townies going to think of you?  Not everyone is going to be thrilled.  Some maybe downright pissed at you. 

The young adoring fan - the swooning merchants daughter, or the strapping young farmboy whose never seen anything like you before.  You're powerful, dangerous, and way more interesting than that farmboy or merchants daughter.  Show them a little bit of kindness and attention, and they're yours.  Of course, once they're yours are they worth it?  Maybe they become clingy, jealous when you show others attention.  Maybe they try to talk you into settling down, abandoning your friends.  Or maybe they decide to follow you.  And while there maybe some benefit to having them around, increasingly they'll become a greater liability then they are worth.

The young adoring fan's parent (type 1) - While the merchant and the farmer are both thrilled that you dealt with the goblins, and dropped some coin at the local tavern, they're less thrilled at their kids reactions.  But maybe they remember when some adventurers passed through when they were younger.  But you paid attention to their child, maybe you even took advantage of them.  Now they're pissed, and suddenly you're less welcome in town.  Sure, you can still get your ale, and you still have a bed, but now you're being asked to give up the best room, and maybe the tavern keeper is suddenly out of the good ale every time you ask, but everyone else has a mug.

The young adoring fan's parent (type 2) - She was always pretty, but has she ever been useless.  Nothing in that head of hers worth having, and even her parents know it.  Maybe that farmboy is handsome but he's got his heads in the clouds and is as likely to be staring off into the sky as plowing the field.  These parents will do everything in their power to hookup their kid and the adventurer in as permanent a way as possible.  

The young adoring fan's parent (type 3) - You don't want to pay attention to my kid, you want to pay attention to me!!  I've been living in this Podunk town with my Podunk life and I'm ready for some adventure!  These parents will exert their authority to get rid of their kid so they can be the focus of your attention.  There is an even chance that they're just looking for a thrilling weekend rather than a lifetime commitment, but it could go either way.

Big fish in a little pond - Likely the big fish is a member of the local militia or constabulary.  They're popular around town, and they like to be the focus of attention.  You've upset that.  Now everyone is talking about you, clustering around you, and the big fish is already tired of it.  Expect back talk, and snide comments, and help only in the most dire of straights. 

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  1. We had some of this in my last campaign. The whole setting is very rustic and townships are close and tight. Adventurers are rare.

    One of my players' character developed a relationship with the sister of one of the other characters in the party. She also happen to be the boss's daughter.

    This made homecomings fun in our game.