Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Monsters & Minis

Lately I've been painting Lord of the Rings minis, but this past weekend I really wanted to do something different, something that was monstrous, something that jived with my increasing anticipation for Halloween. Years ago I picked up a couple of Ral Partha pumpkin 'eads, scarecrows, and a greater pumpkin 'ead just because they were cool.   I also have a Gallowsgaunt from the Chainmail line, which fits the theme pretty well too.  Monday night I pulled them out of the cabinet of minis I've yet to work on, and started to work on them!

Once I had them out and on my painting tray I was further inspired to write up stats and descriptions for them for D&D.  Which D&D?  BECMI, M20, and 4e.  Thats right!  3 different sets of stats!  

The figures are assembled and based, and I've started to prime them.  Painting them up shouldn't take too much time, as they are all pretty simple minis, and once I've got them done I'll start posting the stats that I'm writing up along with the pictures of the finished minis.

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