Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Stonehell: Ogres and Questions

Session 147 was played on 5/31

Boris, Cleric 5 (Jeff)
Morgana, Mage 5 (Robert)
Joho, Mystic (Chris)
Ool, Mystic 2 (NPC)

Gathering their gear, the party heads into Stonehell, and arrives in level 4 without incident. However upon arriving in level 4, they spot a pair of depraved berzerkers. Boris Holds them, and they’re tied up, questioned, and left to fend for themselves.

Deeper into the residential tombs, they’re surprised by 6 ogres on the far side of the portcullis. Ool gets dropped, Morgana uses a sleep spell, and then follows up with a scroll of Sleep to catch the remaining ogres. Boris injures the one not asleep, and Borumar stabs him through the heart. A healing potion is quickly poured down Ool’s throat. The defenseless ogres are killed and their bodies looted for a fair bit of gold.

The party also discovers the door to the Gentlemen and Lady Ghouls, but opt not to knock.

With some questions in mind, they head up to visit Rocky.

Q1. It’s 3 questions per day, right?
A1. Yes. You have 2 left.

Q2 Where can we go to restore our abilities?
A2. In the Sepulture of Kion

Q3. What are the dangers
A3. Beware the smoke monsters, diedra, and mummies.

Gains: 240gp
Kills: Ogres, Depraved Berzerkers (defeated)

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