Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Post-ReaperCon Update

ReaperCon was online this year.

Stupid pandemic...

But it was free! Though the swag wasn't...

I signed up only for a couple of classes since I was a week out from my exam. First up was painting tartans. I'd attempted this once on my own, and... well, it wasn't a failure, but it wasn't a success. The end result of the class was a much more respectable showing than my first attempt. 


Following that was shaded metallics. This was an okay class, but I think the one that was the least helpful. A few tips and tricks I'll use going forward, but... eh. On the other hand, this was a mini I had very little interest in before, but he's the one I've actually finished from the weekend. Well, he still needs basing.

Following that was Galaxy Painting! This was a short but very fun class. Lasting only an hour, and using yet another mini I didn't really care about (how many bearded old wizards does anyone need?) I had a ton of fun. Probably not super useful, but sometimes fun is good enough.

Lastly I worked on a mini for myself that fit in with the theme of the con, pirates! Razig's Dark Maiden!

She isn't done yet, but I'm really pleased with her so far.

While virtual ReaperCon Live was fun, I missed seeing my friends, and all the other fun ancillary stuff that comes with it. With luck, next year will again be in person.

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