Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Stonehell: Tentacles are never good things!

Session 99 was played on 6/1

Koltic, Cleric 5 (Chris)
Jurda, wizard 1 (henchman)
Robin the Bard (0 level human)
Kili, Dwarf Cleric 5 (Matt)
Freya, Fighter 1 (Jen)
Lex the Cheeseman, Fighter 5 (Henchman)
Lucrecia Thief 4 (Henchman)

While Eiric and Brie spent time doing arcane research, Koltic and Kili got bored, and decided to head back to the side dungeon on their own. Lex and Lucrecia decide to join in on the fun, On the way they encounter a young warrior named Freya also on her way to the dungeon, and the priests allow her to tag along as long as she pulls her weight.

At the entrance to the dungeon the party finds a couple of large fire beetles munching on something. Or maybe someone. The beatles are aggressive, and there doesn’t seem to be any way around them, so they fight, slaying the vermin fairly easily.

In a side cave is a massive rats nest of sticks and bones, and other detritus… and also rats. Kili decides to burn it, rather than trying to fight the rats, which causes a massive amount of smoke, but does kill the rats. Because of the limited air in the cave, and the smoke it takes a while for the nest to burn, so the party waits just outside the cave.

Seeing the smoke in the distance, a group of bandits decides to investigate, and seeing the small party, they attack with their bows. The party takes refuge inside the cave mouth, just out of sight of the bandits. Once the smoke clears, Kili checks out the rats nest, and finds a small trove of copper coins. He stashes them aside as they’re rather heavy.

Taking the stairs down to the second level the party pokes around in the old goblin rooms, now empty. The fire beatle pen is piled up with old junk, but also at the bottom of the pile a hidden locked coffer of gold. Calling this good enough they head back to town, and split their finds.

Kili spends some time praying to Cthulu, while Freya throws a big animal costume party that devolves into a massive furry orgy that interrupts Eiric’s research (adding another day).

Once everyone is recovered from the hangovers, they decide to go back to the caves. Making their way down to the 3rd level, they explore the crypts. The flooded crypt has several large flies buzzing around, and when they smell the party come over to investigate. Sadly “investigate” seems to mean projectile vomiting, followed by biting. Lex gets the worst of it, but the priests promise to cure anything that infects him.

After the flies are dead, Kili tries to figure out how to empty the water. Lucrecia gets bored, and just taps her way over to the sarcophagus. The water was only ankle deep. Sadly for all their effort, it was empty. Circling back around, they take the other stairs back up to level 2, and then to level 1, and come to a closed door. A hobgoblin with burn scars talks to them through the door. Mostly he wants to be left alone now that everyone else is gone.

Back down to level 4, they explore a hallway, then a room with tentacled monster eating 4 human bodies. They miss the second monster on the ceiling. And the tentacles paralyze whoever they hit. Freya is hit first. Kili slams the first monster with a critical hit, but is then hit by the second monster. Lucrecia, then Robin and Koltic are hit. Lex swats tentacles away with both his sword and shield, the last man standing. He falls back as the monster advances. Long seconds that feel like hours tick away as tentacle after tentacle tries to touch one bit of exposed flesh.

3 rounds Lex fended off the tentacles alone, while failing to score a single hit.

Finally he saw an opening, and jammed his sword right through the monster’s maw! A while later, the paralyzed members of the party regained use of their bodies, and they fled the dungeon, slightly richer from the loot off of the monsters’ previous victims.

Gains: 4980gp in various coinage.
Kills: 2 Carrion Crawlers, bunch of giant rats, fire beatles, robber flies


  1. How many copper coins did they find in the rats’ nest, hmmm? Also, I imagine waiting for the rats to smoke out: “So...you seen any good plays lately?” How did they know the hobgoblin had burn scars if he talked to them through a door?

    1. The door wasn't particularly well made or solid. Large gaps that the party could see through.
      The rat's nest had 3,000cp... which is a lot, but *shrug*

    2. Stayed away from 2000 cp, eh? Probably for the best.