Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Fuck Trump (part 2)

The response to my post on Sunday “Fuck Trump” about how RPG.net and Ravelry banned posts showing support for Trump was… well, there was only one response. A special little snowflake felt the need to try to comment on it.


3 hours apart.

But I’ve got comment moderation turned on because of all the spam bots that would otherwise flood my blog. So poor triggered Brian’s attempts to spew bile failed.

So he emailed me. Because of course he did. He had to be sure that this "libtard" knew that my blog was "marginally interesting" until that post.

Brian Fiscus, I hope you see this.

Fuck you.
Fuck Trump supporters.
Fuck anyone who approves of children being kept in cages.
Fuck white supremacists, neo-nazis, neo-confederates, the KKK, gun nuts, and anyone who supports them.

Now, I'm gonna try to limit my politics here, and get back to the gaming material.

And now for your Joesky Tax

What do the goblins want?
1. Bug Juice, the good stuff...
2. The dwarf's boot laces
3. Something to add to their collection of shiny things
4. A pet
5. Picture books
6. Black leather outfits
7. Colorful wrestling masks
8. Something that goes "BOOM!"
9. A new home
10. A new god
11. A new boss
12. Lunch


  1. I've got your back! Keep up the awesome.

  2. My wife asked, "Do the goblins want a "pet" as in a pet gerbil or a "pet" as in a gently pet on their scruffy lil' heads?"

    1. 50/50 chance. If you get it wrong, they think they've become your pet (if they wanted a hamster, and you pet them on the head) or they'll try to get the hamster to stay on their head. Or maybe in their ear.

  3. Your blog is far more than marginally interesting. It also has one of the best backgrounds, I love that gaming map wallpaper.

  4. I totally get it about Trump. What a monster!

    Kids also shouldn't be blown up by flying murder robots. What I don't get is why we haven't made Obama and his supporters pariahs for that.

    1. Honestly? Because there hasn't been a single American president in the modern era that hasn't bombed brown people. It's the American way. I'd really love to elect someone who was committed to "let's just not bomb anyone for a year, and see how that works out? It's crazy, but let's just give it a try?"