Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mialee - Elf Wizards with serious underboob!

You know those minis you keep coming back to? This is the third time I’ve sat down to paint these two wizards. The first time I simply got distracted. The second (about 3 years ago) I dropped one, hard, and the nose got smashed. This time I set out to actually finish them!

Here they are half painted, right where I stopped 3 years ago. You can see the damaged nose...

Not a whole lot of progress here...

These are actually different sculpts, or variations on the same sculpt anyway. On the Lost Miniatures Wiki they’re listed as Wizard of the Coast D&D 3.5 edition Mialee Elven Wizard WOC40031 and from Hero Box I - Mialee Elven Wizard with nipples. Honestly the bigger difference is the hair. The nipple version of the mini from the Hero box has completely smooth hair. The other difference is that the nipple Mialee also shows off her ass through a conveniently placed ass window.

Since they’re both showing a lot of skin, I decided to play with skin tones on them. After Goldar’s dark red and the half orc commander’s olive skin, I wanted to do something a little more realistic. Nipple Mailee I based on Scholar Flesh, and Awesome Hair Mailee I used ebony flesh.

I also wanted to do something kind of bright, since I usually go with more muted earth tones.

For Nipple Mialee, I added some hints of green to the "robes", worked on the skin tone and face, and did everything I could to hide the fact that helmets have more texture than her hair.

Nipples, and lots of underboob...

I actually think I kinda pulled it off... Nothing much I can do with the ass window though.

Mialee #2’s skin started off with an ebony flesh basevcoat, that was brought up with increasing amounts of ruddy flesh. To add a bit of color I went with Imperial Purple and Icy Violet. Sadly, her nose was smashed years ago, so I did my best to create the illusion of one, rather than going with the “turn her into an alien” option I went with for Ellen Stone and the other Bones 1 minis that lacked noses. Not sure how well I succeeded. On the other hand, for a tabletop quality paint job, I’m happy with the results.

Her robes started off as… actually I don’t remember originally. GW’s Goblin Green maybe? Whatever color it was, when I went to match it I picked Emerald Green which was close enough, but metallic! I’d already squirted some onto my pallet, and with a little prodding from OneBoot (from the Reaper Forum), I decided to give it a go. The effect kind of makes her look like a superhero! I added a bit of Polished Silver to it, and highlighted a bit. The yellow of the robe I painted over with Marigold Yellow (which, let’s be honest, is orange) then added Sun Yellow to bring it back up to a stronger yellow. Where there was underboob on the other version of the mini, there is some textured fabric or ribbon that I decided was studded with emeralds, so got the same Emerald Green metallic in dots on it.

The staff is straight Ruddy Flesh with some highlights of Leather Brown to give it some woodgrain. The weird wire wrapping around it was painted in gold.

I really should have stripped the paint and started completely over. Their faces have enough paint that they could be 90 year old women wearing stage makeup to try to look 55. At least they're done!

And if this post doesn't attract a whole lot of extra hits, I'll be shocked!

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