Friday, July 7, 2017

Stonehell: Insanity in the Asylum

Session 36(b) was played on 5/3
Eiric, wizard 3 (Kat)
Orpheus, Human Fighter 3 (Henchman)
- torch bearers (A A Ron, JJ Swats)
- men at arms (C, D)
- Namish (dog)
Matthias, Dwarf 4 (Julia)
- men at arms (M&M, Nnnn, Ood, P.P.)
- Herrick (dog)
Sarin the Ugly, Human Fighter 1 (Josh)
Menchi, Human Cleric 1 (Laurel)
Daryll (NPC Cleric 2)

Stayed in town

Back in town Orpheus throws a massive party, and somehow managed to get into the wizards guild, and break the guildmistress’ orary!

Deciding that getting out of town is a good thing, the party grabs some beer for the run to the Kobold Korners, and then heads to the dungeon. They forget to go straight to the Korners, and instead take the stairs down to the Asylum, and then remember. Unfortunately a swarm of stirges descends on them. After killing off the pests, they swap the beer, and head back to the Asylum.

Checking out some of the more easterly rooms of the Asylum, they first check a room covered completely in strange writing. They make note of it, but don’t spend any time examining the room. The next couple of rooms are abandoned, but for the body of a long dead dwarf. They snag the silver gambling bars he had tucked in his money belt.

A chamber of barrels and crates turns up a surprising amount of treasure, and Matthias makes a mess smashing everything open. The smell of vinegar and other rank fluids will linger a while. Thankfully gold and silver don’t hold onto scents very well.

Beyond a door marked “Disturb Not The Slumber of IT!” They find a coffin wrapped in heavy chains, draped with cloves of garlic. Because, of course they opened the door… Passing around stakes and torches, they get ready to face whatever (vampire) might be within… And then light the coffin up with Power Thirst!

The black smoke that billows up from the dry wood of the coffin quickly fills the room. They close the door, and move on.

The next chamber visited whispers madness in the ears of all who enter the room. Sarin, Matthias, and Orpheus all seem to speak with some otherworldly voice that answers 3 questions…

Q: Are we in danger?
Q: Can we make it out of this room alive?
Am I a fighter?

Q: Do I have to kill you?
Q: Do I have to kill the vampire?
Is there treasure to be found in this room?

Q: Can we just walk out of the room?
Q: Are you evil
Q: Secret Doors?

The party searches the room but finds no treasure or secret doors. Moving on back toward the auditorium where the evil faries live, the party checks out another empty room covered in scrawled writing, and then into a large chamber covered with a mural of a mass of people. The painting seemed to subtly shift as they looked at it, and they started to see people they knew in the crowd. This bent the minds of several party members, including D, PP, Namish, JJ all of whom attacked either the walls of the rest of the party. C, Herrick, Nnnn, and Ood all just stood around dumbly. Those significantly unaffected grabbed the others and dragged them out of the room. Deciding that was enough for one day, the party headed back to Kobold Korners for some food and rest.

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