Saturday, February 4, 2017

Chronomancers 9th Doctor and War Doctor

I already shared some of this, but I wanted to put together the whole WIP in one post.

With the conclusion of our Frostgrave campaign and the retirement from adventuring of Elsa and Anna, I need a new wizard and apprentice. Since I've already done a necromancer and elementalist, I figured that I should try something a little less directly aggressive, and since I not too long ago bought a couple of not-Doctor Who minis from Heresy... well... here we are.

I started by cleaning all the bits, sanding down the few mold lines, and assembling them. I then glued each to the top of a bottle of craft paint for ease of holding.

This was all done while watching Fellowship of the Ring.

I then used Reaper's brush on primer, followed by a thinned brown liner.

I didn't spend enough time writing down what I did, mostly because they pained up so quickly! These are seriously nice sculpts. Theme wise I painted their jackets the same, and Dr. Payne's neckerchief and Dr. Nine's shirt were painted the same. I started with a purple color, but quickly shifted more redish.

One I finished the figures, I realized that I needed to do something with the base, so I pulled out the greenstuff and got to work.

Note to self, sculpt the base before painting the minis!!

Then I painted it up and added snow flock.

And done!

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