Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Stonehell: Orcpocalypse

Session 23 was played on 12/23.
Wilhelm, drunk Dwarf 5 (Julia)
-Helmut, war dog
-Xerxis, Human Fighter 1 (Henchman)
-Yolanda, Human Fighter 1 (Henchman)
Karlaih, Human Thief 5 (Mollie)
Leroy, human fighter 3 (Mike)
Nilbog Dracon, human wizard 1
1 torch bearer (Z)
3 men at arms (O, R, Q)

Stayed in town
Tink, a pretentious Elf (but I repeat myself) and former barkeep (Hanna)
Shelly, a vegetarian recovering alcoholic halfling Thief 3 (Nadia)
Frank, halfling 1 (Emily)
Yaqen, elf 1 (Shaun)

Tobias, deciding that getting stuck in the dungeon once was enough, and opted to retire from adventuring.

Wilhelm, feeling the need to bulk out the party after so many losess hired Zed the torch bearer, and took on Karliah the Sly. Xerxis and Yolanda the torchbearers had finally had enough of earning a single gold per delve, and demanded an equal share in exchange for swearing allegiance to Wilhelm for as long as he'd have them. He accepted the offer.

Heading into the dungeon, the party went straight to the one way door, intent on installing a doorknob. Unfortunately Wilhelm brought a wood drill, not a stone drill, and in frustration took a pick ax to the door, destroying it. The chunks of door were piled against the secret door.

Heading deeper into the dungeon, exploring further to the south than they'd ever gone, they stumble on an orc guard post. The orcs didn't notice them, right at first, but once they did, they sounded the alarm. More and more orcs started rushing into the main hall as the alarm was passed deeper into the orc's territory.

The party tries to use the "hide behind a door, wack them as they come through" strategy, but the orcs were smarter than the average zombie, and just started to smash the door. Then they brought the oil to light it (and the party) on fire. Hireling R takes an orc arrow to the throat, while Yolanda manages to shoot Nilbog in the shoulder. Wilhelm repeatedly gets his ax stuck in the doorframe trying to cleave through the orc horde. In an amazing show of luck and dexterity, the pot of burning oil that the orcs lob at the party gets bumped, set, and returned like a volleyball!

Through the smoke and burning orc flesh a large brutish orc pushes forward, and hacks into Wilhelm. Wilhelm sounds a general retreat, and everyone runs. Xerxies gets an orc ax in the back in the rush, falling behind. Wilhelm's shorter legs keep him from getting away, and the chief engages him. With the help of S, Wilhelm manages to take out the orc, and then follow the rest of his party out of the dungeon.

Kills: 17 orcs, 2 orc lieutenants, 1 orc chief
Losses: R

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  1. The best part imo is the party planning to do renovations on the dungeon! This Old Dungeon.