Thursday, December 8, 2016

#3MMRPC Time lords and Teddy Bears

This is it, the penultimate post for the challenge. I've done a terrible job posting weekly to update on the challenge, but I've actually been decently productive. Since my last update, I built and painted 35 bookshelves for Frostgrave, and have mostly finished the bear, wolverine, and wolf from the Bones Animal Companions set. I've also concurrently been working on the Bones Barrow Rats.

Oh, and I also finished the TARDIS! Finally!

For the next Frostgrave campaign, I've started working on a pair of chronomancers and a barbarian with a teddy bear. Of course as I just gave away the TARDIS, I'll now need to paint another one...

 Lastly, I've pushed a bit of putty on a giant ice toad. Mostly just the central mass of the body and one leg.
For this last week, I'm hoping to finish up the animal companions and barrow rats.

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