Saturday, December 17, 2016

#3MMRPC: Bones Animal Companions & Barrow Rats

My number of minis painted this year is pretty miserable. Sure, I've been focusing a lot on terrain, but still... I can do better. So to pad my numbers some, I decided to paint up the wolf, wolverine, and bear from the Animal Companions set from Reaper, as well as a couple of Barrow Rats to round out both the year and the 3 Month Mountain Reduction Painting Challenge.

After washing them with soapy water and scrubbing them down with a toothbrush, I glued them to a craft stick with a drop of superglue each. I then slathered them with Brown Liner.

I looked up pictures of wolves, and decided I'd try a timber wolf color scheme. It didn't work out, but the results are still kind of interesting. I started with a base of bone, and then used very thinned down tanned leather and walnut brown for the markings.

Rich Leather was used to paint the wolf's eyes, finishing it off.

The bear and the wolverine were base coated with walnut brown, and then got some ruddy flesh details.

I then gave both a light dry brush of Rich Leather to bring out a bit of the fur texture.

I then gave them a light drybrush of dirty bone to really give that final touch to the tips of the fur.

The barrow rats really vexed me. After lining them, I went with moldy flesh figuring that their disease infected skin would be looking pretty unhealthy. I brought it up with a mix of spectral white and the moldy flesh. I then went over the fur that was still on them with the same browns I used on the bear above. Their eyes and mouths are fresh blood red, whiles the tails, ears, and boils were painted with brains pink and breast cancer awareness pink.

At this point I thought that this was one of the ugliest sloppiest paint jobs I'd ever done. I hated it, and the mini, and myself for doing such a terrible job.  Because of this, there are no work in progress shots.

I then gave the whole mini a wash of Bloodhowl's Heavy Sepia wash, and like magic it all came together. I'm trying to get away from using washes like this, but sometimes it really works better than it should, and makes my efforts look way better then they deserve.
Also, these are seriously large ROUS...


  1. I love washes. I agree that often rough looking base coating can suddenly look better with washes. I do, however, find washes can bring everything too much together/flat/ I rehighlight a lot. Probably more work than necessary if I had some other clever technique.

  2. Anyone seen a fox mini for D&D, I need one, my 6th level wizard got a fox as a familiar and I would like a figure for it.

    Please and thank you
    I will google it and see if there are any available

    1. Sure! In bones: (says wolf, but it's really too tiny to be one.
      Or in metal: