Wednesday, October 19, 2016

#ReaperCon is coming...

And I'm going!

I don't usually go and do this sort of thing. Just say, "fuck it, I'm going" and then... go. This year? I'm doing it. It's nuts. I really probably shouldn't be, but I've been holding off on going to GenCon for years cause it was never a good time... And I'm done with trying to wait till it's a good time. Instead, I'm going to HAVE a good time!

And as far as GenCon goes, that'll have to keep waiting. Besides, it's gotten so big that I'm not really sure I want to go anymore. I really do prefer the small to medium sized cons.

I'm taking 4 classes, entering 3 things into the painting competition, and bringing a small bag of minis to the melt bin. Expect lots of pictures!

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