Saturday, October 8, 2016

Painting Nathavarr The White (part 3)

Lots of progress since I last updated back... oh... 4 months ago!?!?

Okay, to catch up. This is where we left things.

THe body was just dusky grey at this point, so I followed mystrategy with the arm and gave the scales a dusky skin/spectral white coat, then washed everything down with Baal Red.

Then I brought the scales back up one at a time. There are a LOT of scales on Nathavarr... and each one got multiple coats.

There was some significant gap when the wings were attached, so I used some green stuff and sculpted some scales to help cover that up. The wing membranes themselves were dusky skin with multiple washes of Baal red. Originally I had painted the fingers of the wings the same white as the scales, but the effect didn't work, making him look more "undead" than I wanted. The whole point of going with the pinkish white was to convey that he isn't frozen solid.

 The claws on the other hand went from a dark color to white. They're still in progress, but coming along.

I've also noticed multiple mold lines as I go on, but it's too late to tackle them now. Maybe when I do my second DDS set?

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