Friday, October 7, 2016

Frostgrave: Giants in the city!

The 8th game of our Frostgrave Campaign was played on 9/24.

We played a modified version of The Keep, complete with 8 different teleport pads. Stepping on one triggered the pad, sending you to wherever the d8 result indicated.

We added our own scenario to the mix with March of the Frost Giants! 14 of the great beast were spread across the table, each with a bag. When killed the bag could be claimed as treasure, but whether it was actually treasure, or just useless junk wouldn't be determined until the end of the game.

Starting out, Elsa Leapt herself up onto the tower ahead of her, hitting the pad, and disappearing from sight. Blinking away the weird glitter effect, she found herself at the complete other side of the city atop yet another tower. The view was spectacular, but she was just as spectacularly exposed.

The giant nearby was surprised to find a crossbow bolt in it's thigh. Anna's attempt to blast the giant with fire only resulted in a sad little puff of smoke. The giant charged the treasure hunter who'd moved to the big tower to the left, but he bobbed and weaved and avoided getting flattened.

From her lofty perch, she noticed a giant coming her way, as well as a number of bowmen taking aim, so she dropped down off the pad, abandoning the treasure. However an owl came up to investigate. She blew it from the sky with a well placed icy blast.

Meanwhile the giant begins to climb the tower. "I'm Else, not Rapunzel" she mutters to herself. At least the creature would be whisked away once he hit the pad.

Anna succeedes at blasting the giant, and then her Man at Arms rushes in to finish the beast off.

The giant finished climbing the tower and hops up onto the pad, chuckling. It shimmers... and the giant doesn't go anywhere. Elsa sighs, and conjures a wall of ice between them, basically trapping her in the corner of the tower.

Across the way, the necromancer was battling several giants at once. Anna tossed a fire bolt at an exposed thief injuring him. Rathgar grabs the giant's bag, causing a random frost giant to appear on the table!!

Bored, Else gives herself a boost of speed, creating a pair of skates made of ice. Unfortunately she has nowhere to go with them.

Anna leaps Rathgar out of danger. One of the marksmen tags one of the necromancer's thugs.

Not too far away from Elsa's tower, she sees someone climbing a nearby monument. With a shrug she blasts him with a strong wind, sending him sailing to the ground with a splat.

Figuring that Elsa might need some help, Anna leaps one of the treasure hunters up toward the pad, just as it activates. Standing on it is an impressive looking wizard! It was Knabe!
Meanwhile the marksmen have moved into a more advantageous position, and take shots at the necromancer himself. He drops with a bolt sticking out of his back.

The wizard Knabe attacks the treasure hunter, but is bested in the combat. Before he can do anything else, Anna summons every ounce of power she has and roasts him with her Elemental Bolt.  The marksmen who took out the necromancer, followed up by taking out the apprentice.

Elsa spied an archer making a run for it, and so blasted him with an ice bolt, but it shattered harmlessly against his armor.

Anna ran for the edge of the board at this point, figuring that she'd go after Elsa later, once she had an idea where she was.

Knabe's side of the story & Kodak's side of the story.


  1. Sounds like utter madness - as it should be!
    Never heard of the march of the giants scenario: it sounds very challenging...

  2. What stats did you give the giants?