Friday, May 20, 2016

Stonehell Fairies are Jerks

Session 11 of Stonehell was played on 5/6

Shelly, a vegetarian recovering alcoholic halfling Thief 3 (Nadia)
Wilhelm, drunk Dwarf 2 (Julia)
-Hammond, war dog
Tink, a pretentious Elf 1 (but I repeat myself) and former barkeep (Hanna)

Stayed in town
Tobias, Cleric 1 of Persephone (Molly)
Narford, fighter 1 (Usually Emily, but played by me)

In town, the party hires Wormy III, and Gax the Spearman before heading into the dungeon. Going down the stairs, they hear the sound of Kobolds chatting and working on something. Once they're into the room they see the kobolds bricking up one of the doorways.Everyone stops and looks nervously at each other. "We saw nothing" Tink finally says, breaking the silence.

The kobolds nod, and one says "Us neither."

Heading straight for the dragon's caves and the well, the party sees and hears... someone down below. Shelly is lowered Mission Impossible style down the well, but drops a little too far into the room. Big smelly barbarians glower at her, and she yells to be pulled back up and is before the barbarians poke at her with their weapons.

Tink and Wilhelm think these may be the same ones they encountered before, and so they lower a flask of wine down, to much cheering from below. While they aren't the same group, once Wilhelm again sings them the song of his people, things go swimmingly well. They even offer to go with them, but the party declines.

Taking a new path, the party follows a twisting corridor to a dead end. Written in flame chalk is the phrase "This is a trap" though no trap could be found.

Moving on, they discovered a room with a stone idol squatting in the middle of the floor, surrounded by an intricate pattern of humanoid bones. No traps could be seen from the doorway, and after much hemming and hawing they used their 10' pole to disrupt the bones, sending them clattering around the room, all the while expecting something horrible to happen, and screaming in anticipation. Nothing did happen that they could see... so they scooped the idol up in a bag, and took it with them.

The next room had a scything blade trap that was easily found and disabled.

Tinkling laughter drew them to the next door. The party knocked, and the mirth was instantly silenced. Eventually a voice asked "who's there" which led to a conversation, and then opening the door to reveal a group of 6"-12" tall fairies flitting about a large pillared chapel of some sort. A circle of mushrooms was growing out of the broken pews that littered the floor. The party gifted some wine to the fairies, and they chatted for a bit. The fae folk told them of a treasure that could be found not too far away.

Moving on, the party opened the door to a room full of webs. "Light it up" was the consensus. The brilliant intensity of the fire lasted mere seconds as the room briefly became an inferno. THankfully the party was all out in the hall. The two giant spiders within the room didn't feel so lucky, and when the door was reopened, they came scurrying out. The noise also attracted the attention of a large pack of beetles that spit caustic oil.

The party ran for the fairies' room to recover from the fight. This worked in keeping from dying, but as the party drifted off to sleep, they awoke in the canyon without a single gold coin among them.

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