Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Stonehell: Exploring the Canyon

Session 8 of Stonehell was played on 3/25

Tobias, Cleric 1 of Persephone (Molly)
Wilhelm, drunk Dwarf 1 (Julia)
-Hammond, war dog
Shelly, a vegetarian recovering alcoholic halfling Thief 2 (Nadia)

Stayed in town
Frank, halfling 1 (Emily)
Tink, a pretentious Elf (but I repeat myself) and former barkeep (Hanna)

Shelly, realizing that survival will be improved with a greater flock (also didn't want to carry her own torch) decided to bring along some of the faithful (to gold). He hires Namuun (Moon Moon) the torch bearer, Caldwell and Firan (men-at-arms), and Aldwin the Enchanter with his dog Poochie.

Heading out to the canyon, they realize late that they had forgotten to get a copy of the map from Tink, and rather than head back to town and trying to find her, they opt to explore the canyon itself. Opting to ignore the gatehouse, they head toward a footpath near the back of the canyon, stopping to check out the magical woods on the way. The magical forest is found to be still magical, hiding anyone in it from the sight of anyone outside of it. However no one else seems to be hiding in it.

Next they climb the canyon wall following a footpath leading to several caves. The first is dark, and large, and they send Moon Moon in first. He goes in, maybe 5 feet before seeing something move, and runs for it. Caldwell is sent in with Moon Moon to see what moved, and he sees a box. Fearing whatever the creature is, they continue on to the next cave, and are growled at by some wolves. Deciding that a pack of wolves aren't worth it, they continue up the trail only to find a spot so muddy that further ascent was impossible (I couldn't find my copy of Supplement 1 and asked them to skip it).

Continuing along the canyon wall, the next cave they come to is currently unoccupied, but clearly the home of a large animal. The best guess is bear. They avoid disturbing too much and move on. The next opening they come to is a worked unadorned stone passageway that opens into a large empty room. The air is notably cooler in this chamber, and there are passages leading out of the room to either side. The first leads to a chamber containing a stone hemisphere in an octagonal base, standing a total of about 5' high. Shelly discovers a secret compartment that Firan is ordered to open. He does, receiving some sort of shock. For his trouble he found the compartment empty. The chamber opposite was full of angry animated skeletons with glowing blue eyes. The first was taken down in a combined attack, though Caldwell took a raking from the skeleton's claws and dropped to the ground gushing blood. Then Tobias proved the power of his god by turning the rest. The skeletons crammed themselves into a corner while the rest of the room was searched, but nothing recovered. Caldwell was bandaged up, though his arm was now useless.

Across the canyon, they moved to the small group of rooms where Jorgen found the green slime, and the angry beetle was eating a goat. Poking around, they quickly find the beetle, which is just as quickly dispatched and gutted. None of the moldy boxes are poked through for fear of slimes. The skull of a goat is the only other "treasure" recovered.

Much further up the side of the canyon they found another animal den, this time a great mountain lion! They pissed it off by flinging a slingstone at it, and it charged out to attack. Ferian took a hit to the back of the head (sling bullet from Shelly - Opps!), followed by Hammond the dog having his throat torn out before the lion could be killed. Within the cave they find the body of an adventurer, armored in chainmail, and carrying a backpack, sword and shield. They take it all. Ferian had taken a nasty hit to the head, and was badly concussed, as well as blind due to being clawed in the face. Caldwell and Ferian departed the canyon to return to town.

Finally they come to a small copse of overgrown trees, and find a previously hidden passageway leading into a small complex of rooms! Exploring they find a rabid racoon, which is killed without anyone being bitten. Wisely, the dogs are kept away from it. They also find some large pillbugs (that they play with), avoid a sack full of sand to the face, then come to an old throne room hiding a secret chamber! Within is a massive stone table (how did it get in here?!?) that itself had a secret compartment. Figuring this was as good as it was going to get, and down their henchman, they followed Caldwell and Ferian back to town.

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