Friday, May 13, 2016

Stonehell: Dragon God and Ill Fortune

Session 9 of Stonehell was played on 4/1

Wilhelm, drunk Dwarf 1 (Julia)
-Hammond, war dog
Frank, halfling 1 (Emily)

Stayed in town
Tink, a pretentious Elf (but I repeat myself) and former barkeep (Hanna)
Tobias, Cleric 1 of Persephone (Mollie)
Shelly, a vegetarian recovering alcoholic halfling Thief 2 (Nadia)

In town, Frank decides to pick up some adventuring supplies. These consist of a new 10' pole, some confetti, and a couple of party hats. He also hires a number of meatshields: Wormy II, Narford, and Rothgax.

Entering the dungeon, they immediately head through the ogre faces, past the dragon’s den, and to the room with the carved faces. The floor is still marked with wax from their previous visit showing where the pressure plates are. Unfortunately, someone had messed with the wax marks, and darts fired from the open mouths of the faces lining the walls. Rothgax took a dart in the throat, and bled out almost instantly. His lifeless body was dragged clear of the trap, and then stripped of anything of value. Wormy got his armor, though it was a little large on him.

Beyond the stone face room, and then the large stone face room they followed the corridor to the pit trap full of scorched zombie corpses. They were poked repeatedly to make sure they were dead-dead, and not un-dead. Beyond that, they came to an old store room. After spending some time digging though old boxes, sacks of seeds, and chests of rotted clothing a sledgehammer was found to be a little rusty, but otherwise serviceable. Frank claims it and promptly hands it to Wormy to carry.

Further down the hall they come to a large room that looks like the ceiling will cave in. They skirt the edge of the room quietly, and out into another corridor. Arriving at a 4 way intersection they head up into a more natural passage that opens into a cave with glowing moss, and realize they’ve come to the bottom of the dragon’s caves. They head back to the intersection, pick a different direction, and find a massive double door. It’s locked.

Heading back to the room with the collapsing ceiling, they pick a different doorway and come to a chamber with an interesting statue. Standing nearly 10’ tall, the reptilian figure had 4 arms, and a great horn on its snout. The lower arms held a bowl that was full to the brim with coins. After investigating they found the bowl trapped, so the party arranged a makeshift net to try to catch the coins without being too close. The trap was triggered, causing a section of ceiling to collapse down in front of the statue. Everyone was far enough away and no one was injured. The net on a pole didn’t work well, but the spilled coins were collected safely.

Past the statue chamber, they came to a dead end with a fountain. They didn’t find anything interesting, and retraced their steps. Blocking their way was a group of skeletons! As there was nowhere to go, the fight was joined. The battle was joined. Several skeletons fell quickly, crumbling to dust with a single hit. Others gave as good as they got before falling. Frank didn’t make it… Narford claimed leadership over Wormy, and they moved on.

Back to the dragon’s cave with the glowing moss, they poke it, but it doesn’t respond. They return to the intersection, and take the last passage. It brings them back to the long lost fish fountain! From there they make it to the wheel of fortune. Only Wilhelm is willing to spin. He feels his ax arm responding slowly to his commands. Deciding that since they were close to the entrance of the dungeon, they’d head out with their treasure.

Gains: 400gp
Kills: 6 skeletons
Losses: Frank, Rothgax

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