Saturday, May 14, 2016

Frostgrave: Don't Blink at the Tremors!

We got together to play another session of Frostgrave today. Things started poorly for me when I realized that I had COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN TO GRAB MY MINIATURE CASE!

Thankfully Chris (our host) has a large assortment of minis, and hooked me up with a substitute warband. I really need to bring a better camera...

The board. I was set up in the bottom left side. Chris and his illusionist in the upper left, Don and his Druid (witch) middle top, Greg and the Doctor (Chronomancer) upper right, and Jim's warband on the lower right.

My crossbow-dwarves took up elevated positions in the ruined keep. Things started pretty poorly for me. Because of my entire group's elevated position, Chris has a great line of sight on most of my guys. My knight got Mind Control cast on him and he was forced to attack his dog. Princess didn't take well to that and caused him some nasty damage. That snapped him out of the spell, but... My wizard failed to cast Telekinesis, and then shortly thereafter a giant sigil appeared in the sky, a Draining Word that made Telekinesis to be harder to cast.

Following on that, my necromancer was Glowed, In retaliation, he shot a Bone Dart at Chris' apprentice. Hard. Don's ranger took advantage of my bright and shiney necromancer, and my necromancer dropped. And thus in turn 2, both Chris and I were out half of our spellcasting power. Suddenly Don's flank was a much less dangerous place.

My huts stacked up make a weird but workable wizards tower. Also, a wonderful place for my apprentice to Leap a thug to grab some treasure.

Chris' warband

The druid...

And his zoo
Jim's wizard and band.

The Doctor.
It didn't take long for the first worm to show up... And it managed to take down a number of Chris' band before being killed.

Fight on the docks with a living statue...

A combination of melee (Chris) and crossbows (mine) took down the worm.

My zombie tried to slow down that statue. It didn't go so well. Chris' taking down my wizard in the 2nd turn wasn't very nice either. Having tagged him with glow first? That was just mean.

My thug hiding on the upper balcony while Don's treasure hunter fought a statue in the tower. He managed to beat it, but then my thug came around and bashed him in the head and claimed the treasure. My other thug in the ruins on the left was just about to pick up the treasure. Seconds before he could he was sprouting arrows, and bleeding out in the snow. Seconds after that, another worm emerged under his body, further breaking his corpse.

My dog chasing one of Chris' thugs running with a treasure. Once again, my dog died... every game so far.

Worm #2 showed up, killed a guy, went through the wall killed some more guys... Meanwhile my treasure hunter went toe to toe with one of Don's.

My apprentice taking pot shots with Bone Dart at Jim's fleeing adventurers. This didn't last long, as Don's ranger came around a corner and dropped her like her master.

For the second time, Chris' wizard Mind Controls my knight, and this time he and my treasure hunter take each other out.

When the dust settled, Princess was once again dead, as was the poor thug in the ruins. The knight and the treasure hunter get to spend the next game back at the inn apologizing to each other. My apprentice woke up with a headache, but otherwise made a quick and clean recovery. Somehow my Necromancer managed to lose his Fate Stone while being carried back to the inn...

On the other hand, the treasure recovered included 2 Grimoires, and 570 gold coins! Also, enough experience was earned to go up 2 levels (almost 3).

Amazingly, in spite of the fact that there were 15 treasures on the table, and correspondingly 15 chances for wandering monsters, only 1 wandering armored skeleton stumbled onto the board. Given that there were also 2 giant worms and 15 living statues to deal with, that was probably for the best. It was a bloodbath anyway!

Chris' write up is here.
Don's write up is here.

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