Tuesday, February 2, 2016

DDS Adventurers! Knight & Sorceress

Last post I showed the work I'd done on the thief and the archer. In the last couple of weeks I've worked on the rest of the party!

I began by using the same brown liner to base coat the minis.

For the knight, I started by giving his armor a brush of gunmetal, then some dark brown (oiled leather I think...) for the face.

The sorceress took a bit of work to find a good combo for her skin tones. I ended up using a tanned leather as the foundation color.

Here I've added the gold to the sorceresses staff and the knight's armor. The robes on the knight are Imperial Purple, while the sorceress got Splattered Crimson.

The thief and ranger continue to get tiny bits of detail work. For example, the thief's hair got some highlights. 

I've started on the dwarf's face. He's the toughest of the set to do, since none of the pictures of him really show off how he's painted, aside from the fact that it's colorful.

The knight's face is done, and the rest of him is coming along nicely.

Aside from the base, the thief is done.

The ranger still needs some work. He's not nearly as well cast as the original, and some details were lost, especially around the waist.

The sorceress' robes are getting the color brought up with Fresh Blood. Her skin is worked up with pale flesh. Pretty pleased with her eyes, but I'm going to try to give her purple eye-shadow.

Note to self: Pick one order to photograph minis in...


  1. My Dragons Don't Share heroes are sat staring at me. Still unsure what colours to give them.

    I like the schemes you've gone with on yours. The sorceress in particular is my fav.

    1. I had the same problem, until I decided that this set was just going to be painted like the ones on the box.