Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ghost Kings and Death Knights #6MMRPC Week 6

This really should have gone live yesterday, but last week was a busy week, and weekend was even more nuts. No complaints though... In spite of the lack of blogging I actually have gotten in a TON of gaming. Unfortunately as a consequence I'm now that much more behind on my session reports.

As with the blogging, I didn't get very much done this week on the mountain reduction painting challenge.I didn't touch any of the Mantic minis, but I did work on a number of the Bones undead.

Here you can see the minis getting their base colors blocked out. From left to right: ghast, night spectre, grave wraith, Mr. Bones, Ghost King, Skeleton Champion.

I used an awful lot of the same brown here...

And this was as far as I got with these gents. A bit more work to do on both. The skeleton champion/death knight's cloak will be more maroon, and the armor and sword will have much more detail picked out. I'm going to try to make the runes glow... or maybe make the blade glow around the runes?

The ghost king's cloak needs some cleaning up, and some details on the armor picked out. I'm trying to decide if I want the skull in the helmet bone colored or if it should match the cloak's ghostly green?

My goal for this week is to wrap up the ghost king, death knight, Mr. Bones, grave wraith, and start work on the Mantic Zombies.


  1. I really like the one with the green cape! Do you have the plastic GW wight king? I think its their best piece of late...

    1. Thanks! I actually haven't picked up a GW mini in over... 4, maybe 5 years? It is a nice mini, but I'd rather spend $3 over $15.