Friday, October 17, 2014

Ancient Sagas of Everlance: Cam! There’s no place like it!

This report covers sessions played between 9/14 - 10/12

Cast of Characters:
Kelmar - ½ Elf Ranger
Beska - Human Mage
Myshkin - Human Paladin
Gifilte - Human Monk of Love
Arkane - Human Paladin
Lorain - Human Bard

After recovering from the mud and rats of the previous sessions the party continued on, reaching the final stop on the trip before arriving at the city of Cam, the Three Sisters Trading Post. Kelmar’s hunting skills brought in 3 large deer, which he traded for some smoked meats, a new instrument for the bard, and a deal on a bulk buy of meats to trade/sell in Cam, as well as a job to purchase some good in Cam for the trading post.

Pressing on, the party arrived in Cam half a day ahead of the caravan. They checked in with the market authority to let them know the caravan was on it’s way, then headed immediately to the Temple of Gloriana to confer with Kelmar’s mother about the Eye of Night. She wasn’t directly helpful on that score, but she did put the party in touch with a wizard who could help us figure out what it actually did.

While in the wizards shop (not a magic shop!) the party did a bit of shopping. Bargained about the price of identifying the Eye of Night’s properties. Decided that the shop’s price was worth it. Spent some time wandering around the city and saw:
  • Ax-beak racing through the streets
  • a carnivorous plant next to a public fountain.
  • a variety of weird shops
  • lots of prostitutes
  • ruffians/cutpurses
  • a brothel (we thought it was more of a shop for adventuring gear… boy were we wrong...)

Dinner found almost everyone drunk, and gambling, while our monk of love tried to seduce Kelmar’s mom.

At dinner and around town we heard people talking about:
  • giant bees building a hive in the lighthouse
  • a sunken tower that’s about to be revealed by a once every 10 year low tide. The brothel madam wants the pearl that’s said to be in the tower.
  • trapped adventurers beyond an underground river.

We decided to try to rescue the lost adventurers first since the power wouldn’t be accessable for a couple of days, so we headed to the adventurer’s guildhall for info, and in search of potions of water breathing. Got the info, and were sent to the local druid for the potion. The druid was willing to sell us potions, but at a rather high price… unless we got him some royal jelly.

The last 3 sessions have been almost entirely role playing within the city. We’ve got a lot we’re doing in town, and all getting itchy to start rolling some dice again!

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