Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter Mittins

Nimble worked quickly.  That's why Rathgar hired him.  "Ok, ok, ok..." Nimble mumbled "we're just gonna ease... and then a slight..." as his tools clicked inside the lock.

Rathgar looked over his shoulder at Nimble "Can't you keep it down?"

Nimble froze "This is very delicate work, and I would appreciate not being interrupted." His tools resumed their task.

Rathgar sighed, and turned back to watching down the corridor until he heard a click.  Turning back he saw Nimble swinging open the safe's door.  A bit of fog drifted from the opening down the wall.  "It's cold" Nimble frowned.  He rubbed his hands together and reached into the safe, pulling them back very quickly once he touched the lockbox.  "Ouch!" He hissed, sucked on his burned fingers.  He dug his hands into an inner coat pocket and pulled out a pair of soft leather mittens.  Again he reached into the safe and pulled out the lockbox.  Frost covered the mittens and Nimble set the black steel box on the floor.  "I can't unlock the box while I'm wearing these, and I can't touch it without them..."

Winter Mittens are most useful when fine control isn't needed, but protection from the cold is.  They imbue the wearer with resistance to natural cold effects, and resistance of 5 to cold damage.  However they also reduce any dexterity based attacks or skill checks involving the use of hands by 4.

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