Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tis the season...

I'm very hesitant to do one of those appologies for not posting, or promises to post more often, but the truth is I'm pretty busy with real life.  What I will promise is this: I will post when I can.  

Progress is slow with the megadungeon.  I've hit a few speed bumps (pit traps?) in trying to stock the dungeon.  Mainly I'm not sure how detailed I want to make it.  Do I want fully fleshed out encounters and descriptions, or do I want to go with a more minimalist approach (along the lines of Stonehell)?  I'm not sure yet, but since I'm currently reading Stonehell I find myself leaning in favor of that style.  Expect a review of Stonehell soon!!

I've also been distracted by all the talk about hex crawls.  Much as I've never run a megadungeon, I've also never run a hex crawl, at least not as such.  I've run lots of wilderness travel, but never contained (constrained?) by the hex format.  Then again most of my players have tended toward reaction, rather than action. 

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