Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Witches in Sensible Shoes (part 1)

Technically only one of these is a witch... but they all seemed to sort of fit together, and I wanted something to work on that was... kinda witchy. Oathsworn's human witch, firbog druid, and tiefling mage.

After a good scrub, I primed them with Reaper's Brush On Primer.

I'm aiming for an autumnal color scheme. I don't actually know what color firbogs are supposed to be, but I thought she'd look good in yellow.

The witch had to be a redhead, and the tiefling just had to be red skinned. Kinda getting a Winifred Sanderson vibe from her. I haven't decided what color her top is going to be, but I'm liking the skirt in orange. Maybe purple?

More to come!