Friday, August 10, 2018


I have been insanely busy lately, and barely have had the time to touch my minis, but I’ve managed to claw back a little time over the last month to get something done.

Well, not done. Started. In progress. It began over July 4th. I had the whole day free, and spent most of it watching Luke Cage, and priming the graveyard terrain from Bones 3. The gravestones and statues were all primed with Grey Liner, while the hard plastic Crypt and Fences I’d planned to prime with black spray primer… but the nozzle broke. So I used white. Unfortunately it was really humid, and I forgot how that messes with spray paint. So, everything has a little more texture than I’d been planning.

Once it was all dry I spent a while washing it down with black, and that was about as far as I got that day. Too focused on the show to make much progress.

Since then, I’ve made a little progress mostly just dry brushing various greys over the stonework, painting the iron spikes of the fence black, and using Leaf Green to paint the summoning circle and as moss on the stone walls. If I use them for Frostgrave, it’ll clearly be at a point when spring is finally beginning to take hold.

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