Friday, November 10, 2017

Who You Gonna Call? Part 2

Work on my Paranormal Exterminators has continued, slowly. I need to pick up some masking tape to cover the slots in the bases. Either that, or cut off the tabs and glue them to other bases. What I opted to do in this case was fill it in with green stuff. Since I'm just planning on making it look like they're standing on asphalt, I mostly just need the hole filled.

You can see the 2 different methods I tried for these guys. One was to fill in the slot with green stuff from below, and smooth it out on top. The other was to make a very thin sheet and just lay it over the slot.

Back to the figures themselves, after giving the skin a flesh wash I went back and did some highlights. I really struggled with painting their eyes. Not the doing it, but whether I *should* do it. In the end, I decided that yes, it was worth doing. I can only get better by practicing the hard stuff. The characters I'm calling Zedd, Ray, and Pete I painted with green eyes, while Egon's glasses were painted with linen white and Frost Blue. I even went a little crazy and tried to really give the iris a highlight, and add the white dot of light reflection. This was less than successful.

Thankfully these guys aren't a contest entry.

I also did a little bit of detail work on the equipment. Kind of difficult to make equipment that's mostly black look interesting. Especially against the jump suits. Honestly painting so much black and other dark colors around the light jump suits was probably the hardest part of the mini. Not helpful were my dying brushes. I really need to replace and upgrade some of my tools... I also need to make my shadows deeper, and my highlights brighter.

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  1. Maybe not for a contest entry, but they are looking very good. I like the way you handled the green stuff on the first two (Winston and Peter). I'm enjoying watching the progress on these. The night you did the first post was coincidentally the night that I had just showed the original movie to my kids.