Thursday, August 25, 2016

Under the Blood Red Moon

If you're a huge C&C fan, and you missed this, I'll be happy to send you my copy. Just drop me a comment and it's yours.

Under the Blood Red Moon is the Free RPG Day adventure from Troll Lord Games for Castles & Crusades and Amazing Adventures, their pulp/modern RPG game.And it really is just the same adventure twice. It even uses the exact same 4 room dungeon map on page 5, and it isn't an interesting map either...

From the back cover:
A sword and sorcery adventure!

Matyas is an old man. A long life of adventure has left him satisfied and ready to pass to the Arc of Time and meet his patron, Toth, the Shadow of the All Father. Satisfied, but for one last task. It is in his mind to make a final sacrifice to Toth by placing a magical parchment, reputed to hold the cure for lycanthropy, beneath an Altar Stone of the Temple of Toth. But this is easier said than done, for the Temple is over-run with evil and he is too old to undertake the task. So he turns to his kin, asking one to gather their friends and make this sacrifice for him!

Across the Gulf of Space & Time

An adventure of modern design!

An ancient temple has been unearthed and rumors abound that beneath its Altar Stone is a parchment of amazing power. Reputed to cure lycanthropy, Richard Wilkins, a wealthy industrialist and humanitarian has hired a group of adventurers to bring it to him. He’ll spare no expense, for his need is pressing, Hilda, his daughter has the dread affliction, and without it she’ll be doomed to a nightmarish life. But the Temple is guarded and bringing the ancient parchment out won’t be as easy as they think!

This is very much a quick-start adventure that can be played in 1-2 hours, depending on how much explanation of the game the players need. There's some combat, a tiny bit of problem solving, and a lot of boxed text and no art aside from the cover.

Granted a quick-start adventure is going to have limitations, but this really fails to be anything other than painfully pedestrian, and worse, fails to take advantage of the fact that both adventures take place in the same dungeon years, eons, ages, maybe universes apart. There's really no excuse for that!

In short, if you've ever played an RPG... ever... skip this. It isn't worth your time.

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