Tuesday, August 23, 2016


For Free RPG day, the one thing I really wanted was the Lamentations of the Flame Princess release SLÜGS!

Why? Primarily because their releases tend to be leaps and bounds better than anything else that's sold, let along given away. Not just in production quality, but in the writing and design. While SLÜGS! isn't quite up to the same high marks as Better Than Any Man or Doom Cave of the Crystal-Headed Children, it does show how LotFP is willing to push what is and isn't acceptable or expected, or even usable!

The other reason I wanted it? This ad, which I thought was going be the cover.

Why would I want that? Why wouldn't you!! Okay, so mostly I'd want it just for the shock value of people seeing it on my shelf.  Turns out though that this is the cover.

Not bad... But not nearly as exciting to see on the shelf. 

What is SLÜGS!? It's a monster guide focused on... slugs. Yes, shockingly, it's all about slugs. Slugs of all shapes, sizes, and descriptions. Why is that exciting? Because you get some really weird slugs in this book.To start with, you get the Acid Slug. No, it doesn't spit acid that burns you, it secretes acid that sends you on a groovy trip, man!

How about the Love Slug? There's some adult art in the back of the book that covers that one.

Slugatron, the giant transforming robot isn't really a slug, but he transforms into the shape of one.

That's just 3 of the dozen slugs in this thin volume, and each gets it's own bit of artwork. In fact, this book has more art than monsters, and it's all great!

How often are these slugs going to show up in my games? Rarely, but some of them absolutely will. More than that, is the inspiration to push the bounds of what is usual in my games. From the usual perspective, how interesting are slugs? Even giant ones? Not very. But with a little twisted imagination, you can make anything interesting.

Oh, and the introduction is a beautiful piece of work, and worth picking up just for that. But what I'm going to quote from the book is in the afterword:
"Be free in your fun, wild in your imagination, and fuck 'em if they can't take a joke." James Edward Raggi IV
Wise words to game by!

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